Hard work or hardly working: The passion behind our mead

Funny story, we started brewing Mead at home after watching a couple youtube videos on homebrewing beer and realizing that beer is really difficult to brew! Mead comes with its own challenges, of course. We made some really bad meads, and then we made some great meads! We had a lot of fun in exploring flavors and techniques! Its all been a process of learning through trials and tribulations. We're constantly learning and trying to grow as mead makers.

We try to make meads that appeal to everyone. When you come into Chubby Cheeks Meadery, you'll have access to a wide variety of meads. Regardless of a preference to beer or wine, we'll have a mead that will make you a mead fanatic!

In the future, we'd like to expand our brand and branch into the culinary world. All the while, we'd like to do our best to re distribute funds back into the community of Temecula. We hope every single patron can taste the passion we have for brewing and the flavors we have put together.

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